Animal world

Parco Zoo Punta Verde – Lignano:
it hosts over 1000 animals belonging to 150 different species, coming from all over the world. Come and admire them in a habitat specially designed for their needs: you can spend a relaxing and informative day walking through pleasant paths surrounded by greenery and surrounded by ponds. At the Zoo Park it is possible to have a close encounter with the lemurs. Bar service and self service. Play area equipped for children.

Sea Life – Lido di Jesolo:
a real marine park – which follows the exceptional success of the one opened at Gardaland in 2008 – with 30 large tanks with 5000 specimens belonging to over 100 aquatic species of all the seas of the globe: from seahorses to starfishes, from jellyfishes , from giant breeds to mysterious sharks. A unique path, which will take the visitor to the discovery of many environments, in an escalation of experiences, which will also represent the culture, values and history of Venice. A long journey from the mountain streams to the shores of the Adriatic and from here to the ocean to the tropical seas, to the discovery of the most unknown underwater world, almost to “touch” and walk through a futuristic underwater tunnel.

Tropicarium Park – Lido di Jesolo:
it is a real immersion in the world of nature, with many animals from all over the world, accompanied by a very hospitable and comfortable environment for the whole family. For the visit it takes about 3 hours and the route is indoor and accessible to people with disabilities. The visit includes three routes: Tropicarium, Predators and Aquarium.
Tropicarium: with very rare and particular animals, many aquatic and terrestrial turtles, geckos, saurians, of all kinds, frogs, toads and salamanders, insects, the “Garden of Butterflies free to fly”, the smart and playful “penguins of Magellan” .

an exciting journey with prehistoric animals that have never died out: crocodiles and sharks! You can see huge specimens like Godzilla crocodile of the Nile of over 6 meters with the companion Ruby, their puppies, born within the park. There are also Alligators and Dwarf Crocodile in the aquatic part instead we can see the big Shark bull swimming, rare Lemon Shark, Nurse Shark, White Shark Sharks, Black Shark Sharks, small Bamboo Sharks, strange Squalo carpet, all so impressive but always fascinating.
Aquarium: a fascinating journey that begins with the “primitive” fish such as Limuli and Nautilus, continues with more colorful like fishes Rabbit and Butterfly, to the most dangerous Pisces Stone, Scorpio and Piranha Pisces, strange sea animals like the Jellyfishes, Pisces Ball and Moray eels.