Route 4

Caorle – San Gaetano – Marango and back (Km 22)

We leave Caorle following motorway signs. We cross the bridge on the Saetta canal and go straight on. Just after the Riello bridge (Km 4,8) we turn right, in the direction of San Gaetano.
One km after, there is a typical “osteria” on the right where we can have a break. One km far from here there is San Gaetano. It is a small town concentrated around the Franchetti’s villa, the family who did reclamation in the surrounding area since 1860.

The baron Franchetti was a friend of the famous american writer Ernest Hemingway. These beautiful environments inspired the literary Nobel prize to writel “Di là dal fiume e tra gli alberi”. Nowadays, few families live here but during the world wars there had been built many houses, an ambulatory, a mill, a drying-house and also a cheese factory. The small swing bridge on the Lemene River, built in 1892, is the evidence of the importance of this town in the past.

Lemene river is one of the most famous historical waterway of the Veneto region: during the Roman Empire it was one of the most crowded way to get at Concordia Sagittaria, very important commercial centre of the Empire. In the beginning, the bridge was made on wood. Now we leave S.Gaetano in the direction of Marango.

Km 9,6: we cross the main road and go straight on till the “La Desiderata” ranch, a riding-school with a beautiful water park where you can fish and spend some time in relax.
If we turn right at the cross of km 9,6 and go straight on, we arrive at Marango. This is a very small town but here there is a renowned pub and a parsonage-monastery where there have been made icons.
A few km after, there is a typical countryside building where it si possible to stay overnight. Finally we come back to Caorle by the same road