Route 2

Caorle – Porto S.Margherita – Brian and return for the countryside of Ca’ Corniani (Km 17))

We leave Caorle passing on the Saetta Bridge and we turn left after it. We take the new cycleways of Sansonessa and we go towards Porto Santa Margherita. We have to pay attention to the traffic when we are on the provincial road. We go up the bridge on the Livenza river from where we can enjoy a beautiful sight of the west of Caorle and Porto Santa Margherita, watching the mouth of the river and fishing and pleasure boats. After a quick descent from the bridge, at Km 3 on the left we cross the entrance of Porto Santa Margherita.

The sightseeing tour of this place, famous for boating, can be very interesting. Going on, we cycle parallelly to the sea at a distance of approximately one kilometre, going along one of the last areas of the Adriatic coast not still built up and of a remarkable faunal interest. In fact, besides various types of birds, often also visible from the road, such as “Falco di palude”, “Airone cenerino”, “Poiana”, here live also some exemplars of grass snake, polecats and badgers. At Km 5.4 we arrive at the crossroad for Brian. We turn right towards the countryside.
Just after the high bridge on the Largon canal (Km 7) we turn right and we reach in the little town of Brian; we cross the small centre and after 500 meters we arrive to a wide channel. In this point the Livenza Morta river, that comes from north, flows into the Largon channel.

The small church on the right, beyond the channel, has been built in 1658 and inside of it there is tombstone, which is more ancient. The enormous building on the left is a “vinciana” door, used to stop the confluence of the two rivers Livenza Morta and Largon.

We continue our route towards north, on the road which goes back the Livenza Morta river. We are inside a reclamation area (Km 8.8). We leave the river and take the asphalted road towards the countryside. A few hundred meters ahead (Km 9.5), on the right, we can see a small brick. We go straight on, we turn right at the first bridge we meet (km. 10.4), we go up it and come back to Caorle. On this road there is no traffic and there are many corn and wheat fields. People from here are friendly and like to talk so much. Going on towards Caorle, we reach another typical bridge (Km 15.7) that reminds a famous painting of Van Gogh. At this point we are at 2,3 kilometres far from the end of our route and from the entrance of the city.