Route 6

We visit Valle Vecchia and Brussa

We visit Valle Vecchia and BrussaThe Brussa is one of the most interesting landscape site of the Adriatic coast. It is a big semidesert area in the east side of Caorle communal territory. We can get at Brussa by ferry, by bike (pinewood is 31 km far from Caorle) or by car.

We leave Caorle in the direction of San Gaetano and Marango. Once arrived on Lemene bridge we go straight on. 500 metres after, we cross the main road and turn right. 14,7 km after we cross the Lemene river again and go straight on, passing Sindacale town. One km after the bridge we turn right in Via Villaviera. Here you can park your car and go on by bike, if you like.
3,5 km after, we get at a cross road and turn right; a few metres after there is a typical “osteria” where we can have a break. Then we turn left and going straight on we reach Castello di Brussa. Here we can visit the characteristic building which gave its name to this town.

Some hundreads metres after there is the Lovati’s villa on the left. The Lovati’s were the owners of the Brussa. Going on, there are a restaurant and a small church. If we turn right (12,5 km) we find the “Muteron dei frati”, which is been told to be a nunnery in the past; if we turn left (12,5 km) there is an agriturimo where we can stay overnight. A few metres after we are finally on the bridge leading to the Valle Vecchia. On the bridge we can see a beautiful panorama: in front of us there is the pinewood; on the left we can see Caorle.

Going on, we can consult some big posters with information about the area. Here we can watch many species of water birds and raptorial birds such as the bittern and the stilt.
In this beautiful area you can spend pleasant time but don’t forget to respect nature.